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Since 1968, there have been large number of star students passed out from the institution and set in their career. They are the real sojourners of the institution, who have made the college proud through their achievements. They are all the asset of the college and of course of the society. All such alumni who were active in sports and cultural activities, NSS activities and NCC groups, etc. brought laurels to the college through their participation in different competitions at state and national level. All such alumni time to time while they were students made the administration aware about their demands and requirements. Now these grown up students who are set in their career are still connected with their Alma matter for providing important suggestions and valuable time and in all the possible way to help the institution and the current generations of the students grow with the pace of time.



Importantly, the Alumni contribute to the development of the college not only in term of monetary help but through sharing their experiences, knowledge and guidance for the skill development of the students. College alumni are regularly features in the form of a resource persons in Seminar, Guest lectures, Workshops and sports and cultural events as a guide. Some alumni who are the product of NSS unit, they regularly come and train students for skits, folk dances and songs.


Objectives of the Association:

  1. To revive the bond between alumni and the college
  2. To strengthen the relations
  3. To create an affinity towards the college
  4. To make students benefit from the guidance and experience of the former students
  5. To motivate the students
  6. To generate fund by organizing various programs
  7. To develop the personality, skill and abilities of the students
  8. To provide career guidance to the students
  9. To provide guidance regarding Government schemes, scholarship and fellowships
  10. To provide guidance regarding research work
  11. To provide guidance regarding education in abroad
  12. To make the students aware about the social problems and their solutions
  13. To organize gathering
  14.  To organize the programs for enhancing artistic skills of the students
  15. To organize blood donation camps



Need for the Alumni Organisation:

  1. The students get motivated by listening to the success story of the former students
  2. The students benefit from the experiences of the alumni
  3. The former students contribute essentially towards the progress of the college
  4. The voluntary services by the alumni in the form guest lectures on skill and personality development, career guidance, leadership etc. are very important for the students
  5. Fund generated through various programs can be used for the welfare of the students.
  6. It develops the sense of giving back to society


Procedures and rules of the Alumni Association:

  1. ‘Milind Alumni Association’ has body of elected members
  2. Only the elected members of the association will have the authority to take decisions
  3. The former students of the college can become the member of this association by paying the registration fee that is as follows:
    1. Annual Membership: Rs. 101
    2. Lifetime Membership: Rs. 501
    3. The workspace of the committee will be limited
    4. From 1st April to 31st March will be the period of financial calcuations
    5. The membership will be cancelled if the registration fee is outstanding, the member remains absent in the meeting for three times continuously, disciplinary action is taken against college, any member being guilty of crime, 2/3 votes can the cancel of the membership.
    6. A general meeting will be held once a year.  Budget and future plans will be designed by the college.
    7. The presence of 2/3 members is mandatory to constitute the quorum
    8. In the constituent body of the organization there will be one president, one vice president one secretary, one joint secretary, one treasurer and four members
    9. The tenure of the executive board will be for 5 years. After that new members will be elected on the basis of majority of votes given in confidential election.




Appeal: All alumni are requested to fill the registration and feddback form so that we can connect to you. 

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